Barletta D., La tela delle tele, Maddaloni 2022

The book is set in Maddaloni and narrates the adventure that writing, as an art form can offer, if you add an extraordinarily important substance, that is the study that led it to publish it on the canvas of the large hall of the National Convitto Giordano Bruno, the largest eighteenth-century canvas in the world. The book starts with a Mak Π from the 1960s, officiated in the boarding school at a time when high school parties were an institution. The particular discovery of a high school student in love, which took place on March 18, 1964, will drag the reader back in time, taking him by the hand in the adventure of creating the mammoth canvas and its frame, both made in the mid-eighteenth century by the Funaro brothers. Thus he will travel along the part of time following the realization of the canvas and beyond, throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in a whirlwind historical overview, in pursuit of a secret concerning the famous canvas, and then bring back the reader in 1964, from which the whole story starts. Once again fantasy and reality come together.